Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Rain Harvesting Water

Hi, Everyone warm Welcome to my blog today I am gonna Write about Chennai's  Rain Water Harvesting Methods that made me think WoW !
As I am from Bihar the profound satisfaction I had when I saw the success of the rainwater harvesting  scheme in Tamilnadu. Water is the essential substance for Human existences, Surface, and the ground level is the two sources of the water.
The scheme has helped people in water-starved regions in Chennai by raising water tables in most neighbourhoods, winning support from activists and local residents long dependent on groundwater for their daily needs.
Chennai owes its success to a change in rules to ensure that new buildings didn't get the nod from authorities without rainwater harvesting structures.
This is success of the Chennai rain harvesting scheme which helps people to store the rainwater in the ground level
I am really wondered by the governance of the state government to implement this scheme so effectively in the state and the corporation of Chennai took extra effects to implement this scheme for the benefit of the people.
I am really happy to see the people who are all cooperating with the scheme and getting benefitted. And I am really looking forward to seeing these kinds of scheme implemented in the future for the benefit of the people.